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What's Your True North?


The definition of "true north", according Merriam-Webster, states that it is North calculated by using an imaginary line through the earth, rather than using a compass (which finds "magnetic north"). The reason being is because acts of nature and time change this magnetic north, giving compasses a "false" direction making navigation difficult and unprecise.


The philosophy behind the name "True North" stands as a metaphor for what everyone goes through in life, not only in terms of where they are, but where they are heading and where they will end up. We all have something we want to accomplish, a dream, a goal - our "True North". I’ve always loved photography and music. I also loved the outdoors, but it wasn’t until I started biking around the lake and through the woods that it solidified. Biking through the woods eventually became paddle boarding on the lakes watching sunsets. In both cases I wondered how many people just stop and take a second to take in the world around them, taking a break from the negatives that you see on TV or Facebook, but focusing on the beauty in the harmony of nature. Through my hobbies I try to capture those passions, those views, revealing to me my “True North”: to share those views, the beauty of the world, with others and to help them capture their own moments on their journey to their discovering their True North. Through that idea, coupled with my love of the outdoors, “True North Productions” was born.


We’re all led to believe that we are supposed to do certain things and become a certain type of person in order to function in society, and that there are certain steps or “directions” we need to take. The ones that tell us that are like a compass; they know the destination and where we should end up (having a family, being healthy, being happy, being financially well-off, etc.), but much like the changing of magnetic north through the forces of nature and time, we too become astray from our dreams due to letting everyday life and people change our path and give us a false sense of direction. We all have one life with many directions; what's your True North?

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About Me

Welcome, I'm Alvo "Tres" Dabney (pronounced 'Trey')! I was born and raised in the small town of Camden, SC, and then attended Clemson to get an Architecture degree. When I realized that's not wanted I wanted to do, I decided to get my B.S. in Business (which I did May '17) since I've always wanted to do my own thing and own my own business.

I've always loved music, photography, and the outdoors. I've always had some sort of camera for as long as I could remember, so I was always taking pictures. I grew up in the country with ponds and woods surrounding my house, so a lot of my inspiration and work is nature based. That's where the whole concept of "True North" was born.


When I was considering changing majors, I really didn't know what I exactly wanted to do, or what I should do. In the years prior, I had lost my interest in the outdoors and spent a lot of my time indoors and on the couch, and in a way, my own sense of direction. So, I decided to change my life around and started getting active again. To help clear my head, I started mountain biking a couple of hours everyday after class around the lake (Lake Hartwell).


The first few times out there was hard (I mean I WAS over 300 lbs.), but as I kept going out there, I realized how calm, relaxed, and stress-free I was and how more clear-minded I had become, and also started noticing how beautiful it is out there. That's when I realized how much of a passion for the outdoors I really had. I started taking my GoPro and after seeing some shots, and seeing some of the beautiful things I captured, I realized I wanted to be a professional photographer, my own "True North".

I started drawing the logo back in 2016, although it's intention wasn't just yet a logo. It was meant to be my next tattoo. I got my first when I turned 18, but told myself the next one I got, I was going to design.  The overall outline took me several months, and although my drawing is better than average, my shading isn't. But as time went by, and the more I looked at it, the more I realized I could make it my brand, the representation of who I am and my journey, and True North Productions was born! 

My journey and passions has led me to the creation of what you see before you now, "True North Productions". With True North, I hope to help others capture their special moments on their own journeys and help make sure they have a lasting memory.

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