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Grab-bag of random, fun things that I've done

Once you click play, you will have the option to view fullscreen (which I highly recommend)!

One of my favorite hobbies was to go paddle boarding on Lake Hartwell in Clemson, SC, and finding a spot to set up my hammock and watch the sunsets. Here is a resulting time-lapse of one my trips, set to one of the first songs I wrote!

Yet another time-lapse from one of my paddle boarding trips on Lake Hartwell, except this time was special. It was August 21, 2017, the date of the Great Solar Eclipse. Unfortunately, I didn't have the special glasses and almost blinded myself, but it was one of the most surreal experiences regardless!

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Here are some other, random time-lapses I did years ago at my parents' home in Camden, SC.

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What's this?! A still picture that also has motion?!

These are some of my cinemagraphs, still pictures that have an element in a repeated motion! I figured the easiest way to get a constant motion, as well as something to contrast that motion to, would be a couple of my records and an oil diffuser!

Music is another passion of mine, so this video is going to eventually be my intro to some of my music tutorials (that I'll eventually do)! The backing song is also something I put together rather quickly that I will eventually re-mix and master.

My first real-estate ad! Put together using the first house I ever did in Simpsonville, SC, using a computer generator that did the graphics and music already for me.

My first, actual full-service commercial (which can be viewed on the home page as well)! Unlike the first ad I did above, I decided I wanted to do everything myself, except the song which came from my talented cousin who is a successful song-writer!